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Velveteen (Suedette) Drawstring Bags

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Something different from Bags-n-Aprons, Velveteen/Suedette Drawstring Bags, currently 4 useful sizes and 16  modern colours. Could be used as Gift Bags/Jewellery Bags etc etc.

The closure on the bags is by way of a delicate Black cord which when pulled shut creates a frill type effect.

Velveteen  is a type of cloth made to imitate velvet. Normally cotton the term is sometimes applied to a mixture of silk and cotton. This fabric has a pile that is short (never more than 3 mm deep) and is closely set. It has a firm hand and a slightly sloping pile. Compared to true velvet, velveteen has greater body, does not drape as easily, and has less sheen. Historically, the velveteen trade varied with the fashions that controlled the production of velvet.

Machine washable, 30 degree machine wash. warm tumble-dry, follow washing instructions.

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